Upright/Summary Location Plates

Upright Locators or Summary Location plates are used to easily scan the higher levels of pallet locations when replenishing or picking products. A colour coded system is used to match the level and improve accuracy in the process. 


Upright locators are either printed directly onto a polypropylene plate using digital printing equipment with UV curing ink. These plates are durable, water, oil or grease resistant and can easily be washed if needed. A high bond double-sided tape is applied on the back for easy installation.  The double-sided tape will resist freezer grade temperature when applied in higher temperatures (around 0 to 5 degrees). 

For installation at freezer temperatures, we produce a polyester label that is applied on a piece of polypropylene plate (generally flute board) which can be installed using self drilling screws or cable ties.  


Material: Polypropyline, Coreflute or Magnetic

Print Method: Direct UV print or Laser printed labels 

Installation method: Tek Screws or Double Sided Tape






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